Crosby, Stills & Nash Never Hung Out on the Old Rozman Ranch Porch?

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Originally known as the Rozich Ranch, the house was a single room log structure. In 1910, John Rozich sided the existing structure and added two more rooms and the south porch, pretty much as it stands today. John also owned the Elk Cafe and Bar, variously run at different times as a saloon or soda pop factory on the corner of 2nd and Elk. Apparently, he spent most of his time at his town business and rented the old place to Joe Becharich, a sheep rancher. Joe, in turn, let the place to the caretakers of his herds…low income housing.

Enter Martin and Anne Rozman. Martin sent home to Slovenia for his sweetheart Anne around the turn of the century, after homesteading what is now John Rozman’s ranch. Some called her a “mail order” bride, but only to point that he sent for her by mail. He had known her in the old country. Martin succumbed to pneumonia in 1925, leaving Anne to raise 9 children on her own…the youngest was 7 weeks old. Some time later John Rozich married Anne and helped raise the kids…all Rozman’s…all heirs to the Rozich Ranch. Hence the change in the Ranch’s name. The last occupant of the old ranch house was Rudy Rozman the summer of 1968.

A popular rumor in town has Crosby, Stills & Nash sitting on the old front porch for their first album cover. The resemblance is uncanny…but note the palm leaves on the album cover.

Sources: Ed, John and Rudy Rozman.

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